Carnival of the Blue #7

carnival_of_the_blue%5B1%5D.jpg This month’s Carnival of the Blue is happening now at The Natural Patriot. The quality and layout have improved remarkably over time, due largely to the efforts of past Carnival hosts. This is also one of the better moderated collections so far. Host Emmett Duffy does a great job providing a few words of background on each of the eighteen ocean stories hosted there.

The Carnival sideshows include musings on sharks, seagrass, snapping shrimp, Cyclone Sidr, and the Carbon Tax, as well as a profile of the “modern pirate” at the helm of the Sea Shepard, interesting talk about a jellyfish diet, and nefarious tales from the deep-sea lovers here at DSN and over there at the Other 95%. Kevin Zelnio just completed his comprehensive exams, and he’s celebrating by going public with his dissertation proposal.

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