Deep Sea Christmas Spectacular

This video shows why it can feel like Christmas when you’re cruising the seafloor in a submarine and you stumble upon a deep-sea coral community. The “marine snow” is falling, the bamboo corals light up like Christmas trees, the anemones, well, they kind of remind me of poinsettias.

Yet, perhaps what’s most amazing is how well the lyrics of “Let It Snow” fit the scene. How many phrases can you find?

The footage shown here was taken by the Johnson Sea-Link submersible in 1500 feet of water on Viosca Knoll in the Gulf of Mexico. Special thanks to DSN sweetheart Christina Kellogg for her ongoing contributions to Deep Sea News at Scienceblogs.

This holiday season, remember that it’s always snowing somewhere.
Have a wonderful Christmas where ever you are.

One Reply to “Deep Sea Christmas Spectacular”

  1. O, the pressure outside is frightful,
    The bathysphere is so delightful,
    She squids are turned way down low…
    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

    Merry Christmas!

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