Isopod Love Song


Kevin Zelnio is at the top of my list for musicians singing about invertebrates and the deep sea. The competition is small but Kevin is king.

Unfortunately, Kevin has some stiff competition. A one man band, Pagan Wanderer Lu, is leading a project to “highlight the plight of the Giant Isopod“. In 2008, there will be a tribute CD released. You can hear 4 of the songs at the Bathynomuslove Records Myspace page. The tracks so far are predominately from British bands. More about the biology of Bathynomus here, here, and video here.

  1. Paul Hawkins – Isopod (I can evolve)
  2. Pocus Whiteface – Giant Isopods Ate My Well-Known Brand of Corn Chips
  3. Pagan Wanderer Lu – An Isopod Is Cute In The Eyes Of An Isopod
  4. Silence at Sea – Gladiators on Repeat
  5. Plurals – What Know They Of Bathynomus?
  6. The Jaynes – Crusty The Isopod
  7. Stealthtones – Nefarious Crustacean Confectionary Debacle
  8. Little My – In Isolation Nothing Makes Sense
  9. Werk – Giant Isopods Have Stolen My Gameboy
  10. Jam on Bread – Isopod in my bathroom
  11. The Silent Clothes – Hold it Together
  12. Tom Lee – Two Letters Less Than The Apple
  13. Time Space Repeat – Rise of the Giant Isopods
  14. Meles Meles – Isopod Love Song
  15. Ziggy Bolus & The Thomas Fergusson Band – Me, Myself & Isopod
  16. Hello World – Vorarephilia
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