TGIF: Holiday Madness

I can’t think of anything worse than this…I really tried. This completely ruined two of my favorite things Christmas and the ocean.

5 Replies to “TGIF: Holiday Madness”

  1. 11 seconds of that was all I could take, and even then the puke almost made it out. You don’t think she drew that sod-awful Christman card do you?

  2. Why craig?? Why?? I already have my doubts about staying in grad school? Do you have to plant the seed of doubt about staying a marine biologist too?? I mean, its bad enough my work gets compared to Porifera Bob squarepants whenever I do outreach…

  3. Oh Kevin!
    There’s much worse than Spongebob for outreach! At least Spongebob dedicates equal time to plankton, anchovies, sea cucumbers jellyfish and snails! When I worked in gelatinous zooplankton ecology, we bought Spongebob T-shirts that said “Jellyfishing Angler’s Society” for the entire lab, including undergraduate interns.

    Oh, and Craig? I hate you for that card/song. :)

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