What I Want For Christmas

As this holiday seasons quickly approaches, I am left pondering what I would like to appear under the tree.

1. The search for a tenure-track faculty position continues. It could be going much better. A nice juicy job offer or even an interview would be fantastic.

2. The most vital piece of science gear I have, my ipod (now several generations old), just quit. My travel, expeditions, and lab work now continue without a soundtrack of block-rockin beats. So a new ipod would be great. However, given #1, #2 is not likely to happen.

3. I have a bit of a science crush on Sylvia Earle. Who am I kidding, I have a big ol’ honkin’, full-size geek crush. Proof is here, here, here, here….Hopefully, this year the long sought after autographed picture of Sylvia will find its way beneath the tree. Sylvia can you here me?