Arctic Ocean Now Open For Business!

I am totally addicted to Mark Powell’s blogfish. In part I view this relationship as a bit masochistic as the posts are always filled with bad news (e.g. CO2 poisoning is killing the ocean & YOU are probably contaminated with toxic pesticides). Over the weekend (thanks for ruining my Saturday), Mark posted on the recent decision of the Minerals Management Service to lease large areas in the Chukchi Sea area of the Arctic Ocean for oil and gas exploration. Yeah! He includes this gem:

“MMS, by its own admission, has stated that oil spills are likely from its proposal to open up the Chukchi Sea to oil and gas development,” said Mike Daulton, Audubon’s Director of Conservation Policy. “That, combined with findings from the Army Corps of Engineers citing there are no effective methods for cleaning up oil spills in Arctic waters, seems enough reason to halt oil and gas activities until more is known about the migratory birds, marine life and unique conditions in this very harsh environment.”

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  1. What about the fun stuff on blogfish…like you know when you’ve been Tango’d? Seriously, thanks for the shout Craig, and you can tell how addicted I am to Deep-Sea News by my quick response. You’re in my five (lame tv ad reference).

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