Best of DSN 2007: Fuzzy Yeti

BESTofdsn.jpgBest DSN Post (Fuzzy Yeti): Maybe not the Pulitzer but it matters to Peter and I (and now Kevin). You decide the winner by casting your votes in the comments. The final 6 nominated by The Judges! include:

Canadians Should Root For Global Warming by Craig. One of The Judges! stated this was “a truly informative post on global warming and the NW passage.”
Sea Turtle Advocates Appeal to the Vatican by Peter
Rogue Waves by Craig
Hydrothermal Vents=Global Warming by Craig. One of The Judges! commented “You dealt with that well and highlights the ignorance of some sectors of the media. I also love the comment debate with Mr. HarleysR2fuknloud.”
A Fish That Starts With X: Children’s books about the Sea by Peter. One of The Judges! noted “Being a new father (11/3), this will guide my book-buying for her for a while.” Another of The Judges! nominated this for the best book review.
From the Desk of Zelnio: Dermochelys coriacea by Kevin. “Using the incredibly detailed and fascinating information found in this post on leatherback sea turtles, I was able to much more efficiently focus my efforts on one of my life’s missions: the extermination of all leatherback sea turtles.”