Kite-Powered Ships


From the Telegraph via Neatorama

Inventor Stephan Warge has devised a 160 sq meter kite, based on kitesurfing rigs, that can be attached to commercial ships to reduce diesel consumption. Warge figures the SkySail can reduce fuel consumption by 20% ($1600 a day). The new sail will be tested this Tuesday aboard the 462ft cargo vessel MS Beluga on a voyage from Germany to Venezuela.

You can view a great animation of the whole deployment and utilization process here.

3 Replies to “Kite-Powered Ships”

  1. i wouldn’t like to be in one of those during some kind of storm. (or any boat, for that matter)

  2. Having been on a 54′ fishing boat in 12′ seas during a tropical storm, I can say with some authority that I’d take a 462′ ship over a small boat any day! In all seriousness, the first thought for those ships in bad weather is safety, cargo, then cost savings, and in that order — my guess is that these sails would be stowed by the ships during anything but (relatively) flat seas.

  3. i never saw thing like that. Wow, amazing… masterminds :) Im not sure about full trip working but we will see. 160 sq/m not so big. On the picture looking bigger

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