Planet Earth … with Tourette's

Much deliberation has occurred here behind the scenes at DSN about whether to air the following clip. After much debate we have decided to educate the public but let the viewers do so at their own risk. Note below the fold is the video and it is definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK, because it includes profanity.

We the authors of DSN note we find it horrible that someone would ruin the beauty of nature by adding such childish obscenity to a nature documentary. We are only posting this as an example of how not to conduct public outreach. We also like the seastar sequence, but putting microphones in the helmets of football players was a horrible idea, and so is this. Nature should not be shown so raw, but rather clean and edited. We definitely prefer the voice of Sir Attenborough.

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14 Replies to “Planet Earth … with Tourette's”

  1. I do like the bouncing happyface bird–that part’s a pretty accurate translation.

  2. I find it horrible that someone who asserts they run a “scienceblog” would wrongfully insinuate swearing is due to Tourette Syndrome. Using such a childish and inaccurate comparison is anything BUT “scientific.”

    Tourette Syndrome rarely involves cursing, and largely effects children. I don’t generally correct people, but the word “science” above, compelled me to do so.

  3. Mom is correct in asserting that not all those with Tourette’s Syndrome use profanity. The behavior we typically associate with Tourette’s is actually coprolalia one of the group of disorders blanketed under Tourette’s. Coproloalia cases include about 15% of those reported with Tourette’s. So the use of Tourette’s is unlikely to be inaccurate as it blankets coproloalia.

  4. *Sigh* These images weren’t ruined. They still exist as originally filmed, sequenced and narrated. They were altered to make a comedic point: you can alter any image to create a different reality, even a pointless juvenile reality. Whether you think it’s funny or not depends upon your definition of humor. If I recall, by the way, the BBC version of the show featured the narration of Sir Attenborough, an actual naturalist, while the US edition featured Sigourney Weaver, an actress, a reality that induces, at least THIS viewer to think, WTF?

  5. I loved the Planet Earth series, and just about everything else that I’ve seen with David Attenborough. I also found this hilarious.

  6. I think that the original Planet Earth had ADHD, and giving it Tourette’s perversely makes it awesome. Sea star sequence was teh awesome, though.

  7. Monty, I agree. I absolutely loved Planet Earth, but it was too fast-paced and scattered for me. I miss the good ole days when I could just sit back and take it all in. We need you marty stouffer!

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