Sea Floor Sundays at Clastic Detritus

With three biologist on staff now our coverage tends to lean toward the biological. We do cover geology, technology, and the such but from our warped biological view. What we need around this joint is some more geology! Over at Clastic Detritus a graduate students pontificates about all rock and whatnot. His ongoing series Sea-Floor Sunday is one to keep reading. Number 9 covers the continental slope off Australia and “everybody’s favorite topic” sediment transfer to the deep. Discussed is how near shore processes of sediment suspension and transfer are linked to slope processes to move sediment to the deep.

3 Replies to “Sea Floor Sundays at Clastic Detritus”

  1. Alright…I got the famous (infamous?) DSN guys thinking about the non-living deep! Thanks for the link, I appreciate it.

    One thing though … it’s “Clastic Detritus” not “Classic Detritus”.

    You’d be amazed how often that mistake happens…it’s kind of a subconcious thing, a Freudian slip?

    Again…thanks for the link. I love DSN!

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