Surfer dude contemplates theory of everything

Here’s another elegant headline from the Telegraph UK publication I mentioned below. You gotta love the Brits.

Surfer dude stuns physicists with theory of everything

The comments section is pretty fascinating… “Interesting. Similar to my onion-model of the universe. Remove the time dimension…and you get a perfectly rational view of life.” This is a compelling story about a mathematical form with 248 points called the E8 which can be described by the same equations that accounts for more of the substance of the universe than the prevailing “string theory”.

If you’re looking for more surf logic, take a minute to check out the Surf Economics Blog. This week Surfrider Foundation’s Environmental Director Chad Nelsen introduces “The Breakfast Joint Theory: A Surf-Economics Indicator.” Chad examines the circadian rhythms of surfers and beachgoers in Southern California using real data that I am pretty sure he collected himself. Brilliant! Nice job if you can get it. ;-)