Underwater Text Messaging


product_animation.gifVia Crave, I see that Underwater Technologies Center has created a Underwater Digital Interface that can keep 56 divers networked with ships or land bases up to 1,000 yards away. The unit serves as a Two-way digital text messaging communicator, Diver SOS and Remote SOS, Homing tool, Compass, and RGBM Diving computer. A cookie to anyone who can tell me where the coordinates above are from.

6 Replies to “Underwater Text Messaging”

  1. “Worlds first” HA! Didn’t they have that in the movie The Abyss?

    No keyboard so I’m guessing it only sends preset messages. Otherwise it’d awkward typing with the dial… hmmm how long would it take to type “hlp running out of air, plz save me…”

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