Yet More Ugly, Vile Deep-Sea Fish Discovered


It is one biology’s highest compliments to have a species named after you. But what if the above was your namesake? What does it say about your character? What does the author of that species description really think of the person it is named after? Perhaps these are the questions that geophysicist Michael Cousins is mulling over in his head after seeing Pachycara cousinsi, one 6 new species of deep-sea fish discovered in trawls from the southern Indian Ocean. His fiancé, Dr. Nikki King, was the lead author of these species. An early wedding present, or subliminal message? You decide!

8 Replies to “Yet More Ugly, Vile Deep-Sea Fish Discovered”

  1. They way the Eelpouts look is one thing, I have had eelpouts coming and going through my studio, which is located in my garage. They smell, and while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, most will be in aggreement on what will can be considered a bad smell !!! My family was about to run me out of the house every time I needed to paint one of those species (I try to work as much from fresh specimens as possible) To be honest the Eelpouts can be very attractive for an example: Lycodes esmarkii seen here: and the whole collection here:

  2. You can name that one after me, if you like! Just look at its sweet little face and wide open, astonished eyes :-) And all it had every hoped for in life was grub and a bit of anonymity!

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