Friday Deep-Sea Picture: Jacques Cousteau

Recently scored a used copy of a book by Jacques Cousteau. Inside its covers lies a wonderful narrative and the pictures I present for this Friday’s Pictures. As a fan of both Cousteau and the Life Aquatic, I can begin to see Anderson’s inspiration.



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  1. I once found a book in my local library archive about Jacques’ Conshelf project. I think it was called “The Silent World”. It had to be the coolest underwater habitat ever built.

  2. I’ve collected nearly all of Cousteau’s books, from the terrifyingly heroic first autobiography, “We dived and the new design of equipment nearly killed us. So we had lunch, fixed it and dived again.” through to the set of ’70s(?) white-cover large-format series of populist titles on particular themes. Your local charity bookshop probably has some. They’re written off as “kids’ books” because of the style of binding, but they’re excellent and very often the absolute first publication of that subject, or photographs of that area.

    I particularly like the von Daniken and Berlitz debunking of the “Blue Holes” and a clear description of the evidence for exactly how they were formed.

  3. A nice trip down memory lane!Cousteau was nice enough to invent the aqua lung and share it with all of us!I think he will alaways be remembered very fondly by millions of people!
    Dave Briggs :~)

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