Friday Deep Sea Picture: March of the Brisingids

Picture copyright C. Fisher/Ridge2000

Brisingids look like crinoids, but they are actually sea stars, just kind of turned over. this particular beauty is Freyella sp. from near hydrothermal vents in the Lau Basin back-arc spreading center. They typically are on rock outcrop faces facing the current. Their tube feet are modified for filter-feeding.

That poor little squat lobster (Munidopsis, probably ‘lauensis‘, Galatheidae) looks like he is being ambushed.

2 Replies to “Friday Deep Sea Picture: March of the Brisingids”

  1. actually, their spines are modified for filter feeding. As far as is known their tube feet aren’t overly modified for anything…

    ya know if you’re going to be making all the big deal about the biodiversity crisis and invertebrate systematics, its a good first step to give credit for people who make these identifications (both for the squat lobster and the starfish..)

  2. Chris, I would, but felt it a moot point to identify myself as the identifier… Perhaps I can make it more clear when a picture is from my own work.

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