Plush ROV


Since my posts about the Black Swan, I have somehow made it on the Odyssey email list. Once a month or so I get an email about buying goods and artifacts. Admittedly, I find these emails extremely irritating. Like I got nothing better to do with my time than weed through a lot of junk email. Moreover, I am a post doc with limited funds. I will absolutely never have an extra $2500 laying around to purchase a Cathedral 3 Berry Pickle Bottle. I don’t even like pickles.

Today’s email from Oydssey completely hooked the consumer. Yes, I am a mindless drone and here is my money. I am somehow now convinced my life will not be complete unless I own a Plush Zeus ROV or the ROV Zeus Gold Coin Glitter Water Globe. This is absolutely unfair to subject me to this sort of advertising. Luckily my wife is more sensible. Hopefully, Odyssey will send one each to us here at DSN to review?!

4 Replies to “Plush ROV”

  1. While apparently not as unwilling as you to receive their ‘junk email’ (having opted in some time ago…) I too found their latest ‘you gotta have this‘ e-mail solicitation to be a bit of a stretch.

    Heck, that ‘Plush Zeus ROV‘ creeps me out a bit, let alone the kids.


  2. “does it look like Zeus is maniacally rubbing his hands together?”

    I, for one, welcome our new Zeus overlord!

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