TGIF: A Serene Ocean Paddle? + Bonus Feature: Deep Sea News Narcissism

I’m not even going to say anything. I want your jaw to drop just like mine did. Major hat tip to the guys at the Neutral Dive Gear: SCUBA Diving Blog. Go check them out!

Update: Comments 11 and 12 below bring to light evidence the video is faked. But we still think it is fun!

And now for a little narcissism. My 15 seconds of fame on the National Geographic Channel’s series Naked Science: The Deep. This episode aired last Spring. Don’t blink! You might miss me!

15 Replies to “TGIF: A Serene Ocean Paddle? + Bonus Feature: Deep Sea News Narcissism”

  1. Kevin, if this whole science thing doesn’t work out for you, clearly you have the skills to be a product model on ‘The Price Is Right’!

  2. Wow! I miss living in the Pacific Northwest sometimes. For example, now would be one of those times. Nice appearance on Nat Geo! I did not know that about tube worms – so they’re older than bristlecone pines then?

  3. Karen, models seem to suggest tubeworms can live up to 300-500 years maybe. Bristlecone pines live for 3,000-5,000 years. So no.

  4. Nice sequence, Kevin! That’s very cool.

    About the Orca… a buddy says this breaching style literally is an attack, that is, the same method an Orca will use to kill a seal

  5. Thanks guys! I really move that fast in real life too. I just wish I could write my dissertation that fast.

    Peter, now that you mention it, I remember hearing the venerable David Attenborough mention that in Blue Planet.

  6. Anybody know where the first orca vid came from? Sounds like Japanese… Hmmmmm…. Apparantly Japanese aren’t too popular with the whale population.

  7. Note that the confusion over their age is from the “longest living animal” claim. Bristlecones are known as the longest living plants.

  8. Johnnie, even that claim mst be qualified. Tubeworms are the longest lived non-colonial/clonal animal. Some reefs can be thousands of years old and the same genetic “individual”.

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