TGIF: Mermaid Suit

Do you ever get bored when you’re scuba diving on a Caribbean shipwreck, and wish you had a Mermaid guide to show you around? Thanks to the fabulous new mer-suit technology from Otter Bay your wish may come true. Seashells not included. The video is one of a series from UWvideographer at YouTube.

Who knows why mermaids wear seashells, anyway? *
Answer below the fold.

*Because B shells are too small and D shells are too big….

Happy Leap Day. What do you expect from a mermaid joke?

5 Replies to “TGIF: Mermaid Suit”

  1. Strange sight…
    IMHO, monofins don’t go really well with scuba tanks. My monofin instructor would also have a word or two (or a hundred) to say about her technique. Don’t bend those knees.

    Mermaids don’t blow bubbles. They have gills, or they freedive :)

  2. I think a monofin would be difficult – the same technique as swimming butterfly in a swim race, which I could never do well. Reminds me of Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida that I went to 1976, which has an interesting history. She looks pretty though. Thanks.

  3. Melusine, monofin technique is all about gliding, especially underwater. You can go quite fast without moving too much.
    I find it very different from the violent (if pleasant) release of the butterfly stroke (which you can do with a monofin, it’s really fast and really taxing).

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