And We Will Harness Our Power For Evil…Evil!!!

On how to use cool technology and a neat ROV to create a unbelievably large path of destruction…

5 Replies to “And We Will Harness Our Power For Evil…Evil!!!”

  1. I am sure that they will be carefully surveying the whole path for important deep sea life, right? They wouldn’t callously rip through hundreds of kilometers of seabed without very careful environmental studies, right? Yeah, right.

  2. Okay, as an ROV pilot, I find that REALLY COOL, but as a biologist/environmentalist, I find it really terrible and saddening… I think the biologist/environmentalist side wins, hands-down on this one for me.

  3. Sounds like driving a tractor through the Alps. Avalanche anyone? Apparently not: doi:10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2004.10.022

    If only…..

  4. Although… it’s a very narrow path, really. Less wide than a SINGLE deep-water bottom trawl (They fish in the 1000s of meters here in British Columbia for “Idiots”, or Thornyheads, Sebastolobus spp., and as I know from my work, areas of ‘special’ habitat are pretty infrequent in the deep water. Who knows? It might not be all that bad compared to abuse we heap on the deep sea everyday. Any thoughts, Admins? :)

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