Free issues of Marine Technology!

martech.jpgThe March 2008 copy of Marine Technology magazine features the “ROV-AUV-UUV” annual report. You can read it online or sign up at for a free subscription. It’s probably the best deal in marine science next to student membership in the American Geophysical Union.

Beside the ROV review, this month’s issue also features the undersea art of Barry Pearson and a story called “Private Idaho” about US Navy submarine testing in the relatively silent water of the lakes in Idaho.

Perhaps most exciting is the Saba Bank project highlighted in the feature article! I’ve been reporting from the field on this marine conservation effort since January 2006. The new issue documents several of the Saba Bank research team’s recent accomplishments using the “little robot that could” the Seabotix LBV200L2, known affectionally to us as “shark bait”. It’s great for this magazine to be talking about conservation applications of remotely operated vehicles. The publication reaches across a broad spectrum of the marine community.

In case you missed past stories at DSN, the Marine Technology article covers the important push to prevent anchor damage, to designate Saba Bank as a Particularly Sensitive Sea Area, and to inventory local marine species like corals, crabs, fish, and algae.

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  1. Peter, thank you very much for directing your audience to the free subscription. I appreciate it, and look forward to reading about Saba Bank.

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