Just $10

$10 is all you need to give if we all pitch in. We are currently only at 2484% of funding the two classrooms mentioned in the last Just One Thing Challenge. SixTen of you have already donated and you guys totally rock. But the rest of you need to cough up some money!

If your an academic scientists reading this you should feel particularly guilty. If you don’t donate, you can’t ever complain again about how your undergraduates don’t even know basic concepts like benthic and pelagic (or read or write or tie their shoes). If you are John or Joan Q. Public you forfeit your right to complain about the media and politicians who never seem to care or get their facts right. Likely, one of the children you decide not to fund now will be the reporter, politician, or undergraduate you moan about later. So lets fund two classrooms this week. If you don’t I will start posting pictures of crying children on a daily basis. Or maybe cute sea animals dying because you didn’t fund these projects. The last one is a bit of stretch but you get the point.

For this challenge I have picked two projects with Donor’s Choose. The total amount needed is just over $400. That’s about $10 a piece for everyone who has signed up. The first proposal is to provide funds for materials so students in a Kansas school can prepare for an Ocean Science Bowl Competition. The second proposal is to purchase books on the oceans for an elementary ESL class in Tennessee. I am very excited about us easily funding both of these!

7 Replies to “Just $10”

  1. Jeez.. Twist my arm whydontcha?

    Hmmm, a movie (no popcorn), or the hope of setting a spark in a kid…

    OK, done, and happy about it.

  2. How about posting photos of poor starving graduate students who have given up at least 40 packets of ramen (or, more realistically, 20 beers) into order to Teach the Children? Now I’m going to have to raid the experimental abalone tanks in order to feed myself. :>)

  3. I can’t remember if I donated previously but did so now. I used my gift certificate from DonorsChoose. Good luck raising the rest of the money!

  4. Or maybe cute sea animals dying…

    Well, you’ve already done that. I’m not working right now, but I contributed – $34 to go.

  5. Compared to the other challenges, this one was easy! Thanks for the ‘inspiration’, Craig.

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