Lipke Bijdeley Holthuis, 1921-2008

It is with great sadness I report the passing away of one of the world’s greatest carcinologists, L.B. Holthuis. A carcinologist studies crustaceans and he contributed to the knowledge of many diverse types of crustaceans. A little about him from a Wikipedia entry:

“Holthuis was born in Probolingo, Java and obtained his doctorate from Leiden University in 1946. He was appointed the assistant curator of the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie (now Naturalis) in Leiden in 1941. He was the most prolific carcinologist of the 20th century, publishing more than 400 papers and books on many groups of crustaceans, natural history, nomenclature and the history of carcinology.”

Snapshot of the cover of my copy of one of Holthuis’ many very useful books

Genus, species and subspecies erected in his name are listed below (information from BEMON). The amount of taxa and the international charter of those describing species in Holthuis’ name attest to his position as a leading, world-class crustacean expert.

Albunea holthuisi Boyko & Harvey, 1999
Alpheus holthuisi Ribeiro, 1964
Apseudes holthuisi Bacescu, 1962
Campylaspis holthuisi Bacescu & Petrescu, 1989
Catapagurus holthuisi McLaughlin, 1997
Ctenocheles holthuisi de A Rodrigues, 1978
Dactylonia holthuisi Fransen, 2002
Discapseudes hothuisi (Bacescu & Gutu, 1975)
Emerita holthuisi Sankolli, 1965
Enoplometopus holthuisi Gordon, 1968
Euryrhynchoides holthuisi Powell, 1976
Eurysquilla holthuisi Manning, 1969
Folinella holthuisi van Aartsen, Gittenberger & Goud, 1998
Glyphocrangon holthuisi Kensley, Tranter & Griffin, 1987
Heteropilumnus holthuisi Ng & Tan, 1988
Hippolyte holthuisi Zariquiey-Alvarez, 1953
Lipkebe Chace, 1969
Lipkius Yaldwyn, 1960 (holthuisi Yaldwin, 1960)
Macrophthalmus holthuisi Serene, 1973
Nematopagurus holthuisi McLaughlin & Hogarth, 1998
Nephropsis holthuisi Macpherson, 1993
Palinustus holthuisi Chan & Yu, 1995
Parapagurus holthuisi Lemaitre, 1989
Parribacus holthuisi Forest, 1954
Periclimenes holthuisi A.J. Bruce, 1969
Phimochirus holthuisi (Provenzano, 1961)
Plesionika holthuisi Crosnier & Forest,1968
Processa nouveli holthuisi Al-Adhub & D.I. Williamson, 1975
Pseudothelphusa holthuisi Rodriguez 1967
Rhynchocinetes holthuisi Okuno, 1997
Spongicola holthuisi de Saint Laurent & Cleva, 1981
Stygiomysis holthuisi (Gordon, 1958)
Tuleariocaris holthuisi Hipeau-Jacquotte, 1965
Upogebia holthuisi Sakai 1982