Some Quotes From William Beebe

Quotes from Beebe’sHalf-Mile Down in which he describes his and Otis Barton’s 1934 descent to 3,028 feet off Bermuda. To reach this depth the two placed themselves into a self-designed 4,500lb sphere about five feet in diameter raised and lowered from a ship by a cable.

One thing we cannot escape-forever afterward, throughout all our life, the memory of the magic of water and its life, of the home which was once our own-this will never leave us

Yet I fine that I must continue to write about it, if only to prove how utterly inadequate language is to translate vividly, feeling and sensations under a condition as unique as submersion at this depth

As Beebe and Barton pass 600 feet “Only dead men have sunk below this” At 1426 feet “We are still alive and one-quarter of mile down”