115th Dream – Bob Dylan

As Kevin Zelnio mentions below, its National Poetry Month, but little did the man know its Copycat Day in Corpus Christi, too. Isn’t it great when the stars align? Kevin and I must have been riding the same bow wave because cephalopods and great poets were on our mind. I heard this yesterday from the great American poet Bob Dylan, just one of a few thousand recently acquired to my (gotta love) ITunes.

115th Dream – Bob Dylan

I was riding on the Mayflower
When I thought I spied some land
I yelled for Captain Arab
I have yuh understand
Who came running to the deck
Said, “Boys, forget the whale
Look on over yonder
Cut the engines
Change the sail
Haul on the bowline”
We sang that melody
Like all tough sailors do
When they are far away at sea

“I think I’ll call it America”
I said as we hit land
I took a deep breath
I fell down, I could not stand
Captain Arab he started
Writing up some deeds
He said, “Let’s set up a fort
And start buying the place with beads”
Just then this cop comes down the street
Crazy as a loon
He throw us all in jail
For carryin’ harpoons …

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  1. Yeah! Hmm, wonder what McClain was working on… hopefully not a science paper! ;)

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