I want to apologize to Jason, Rick and Karen, as well everyone that expecting to hear me talk today on Earthcast 2008, for missing the program. I am quite embarrassed for missing the interview. I built it up all day with friends and family and was very much looking forward to the conversation with 3 people who I consider good friends as well as colleagues. BUT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE WHY!

Under the fold…


Yes, those are frikkin elephants in the road! I shit thee not! 10 to be exact, plus like 20 horses (including 2 miniature horses). Needless to say, the circus happened to be in town today and the closest the train could get to the auditorium where the show will be was 4 miles away. PLUS to get there they had to take the main highway!! Have you ever been behind elephants walking on the highway?? I didn’t think so! I didn’t get home until 7:30pm and had left 5:20pm home for what I thought would be my typical 15 min. ride home in order to make it in time for the program. My wife had her camera luckily and snapped some evidence! My son is talking about the elephants. LOL

But I really wanted to apologize publicly for not making the program. I tried my hardest to make it there. I think this is yet another reason for me to get an iPhone ;)

Life can just be absolutely full of surprises. Apparently many people actually read the newspaper still and knew about this. Seeing as we weren’t going anywhere, we pulled over on the shoulder and enjoyed the spectacle too. Enjoy the pictures, courtesy of my wife!









8 Replies to “Apology”

  1. Wow….I mean. Holy… Actually, makes one wonder…who did clean the elephant crap off the roads?

    You really gotta get an iPhone.
    No question.

  2. Here I was all prepared to call you a complete slack ass and then you provide what has to be one of the best excuses ever with photographic evidence.

  3. Reminds me of a time about 5 years ago, I woke up and looked out my apartment window . . . to see five elephants lined up in the street. “Elephant Lunch” they called it — when the circus was in town they’d bring them up to the neighborhood to let folks feed them.

  4. historically, P.T. Barnum (and for that matter the Beatty brothers too) used to do this on purpose. If, when he got to town, he felt the local advance press wasn’t up to snuff he would instruct the driver of the Elephant truck to go and jacknife the truck somewhere downtown, preferably in a busy intersection. then in order to “make moving the truck easy” let the elephants out and walk them back to the site, while the truck driver got the truck out of the way. guaranteed way to make the local news.

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