Aquariums & Buses Like Peas & Carrots

Why Craig? Why Craig would you be posting about buses?

Monterey police are investigating to find out how an empty tourist bus managed to roll away from its parking spot Saturday afternoon and crash into the front wall of the Monterey Bay Aquarium.The 40-foot Coach USA bus rolled downhill on David Avenue, about a block and a half away from the aquarium. Along the way it knocked down several street signs and hit the front end of a car. The bus also sideswiped an office building before ramming into the aquarium. The crash caused major damage to the front of the bus and the corner of the aquarium building near the gift shop. However, the aquarium was able to remain open.

Actual Youtube video of the event below the fold. Luckily I am at A (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute) and not B (Monterey Bay Aquarium). O’ yeah and it’s a Saturday and I don’t do weekends. 19.2 miles never felt so good.

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