Cephalopods Are Nuts

Jeff Vrabel discusses our octopod brethren

When possible, I like to keep close tabs on the world of octopuses, for two reasons: 1. Everybody has their hobbies, mine just involves cephalopod mollusks and don’t you judge me, and 2. I often get the feeling that they’re plotting something.

He moves on to discuss Christine Huffard’s, a post doc at MBARI and 3 cubicles away from me, recent research

…the Ginormous Squid Revelation was the biggest thing to happen to me in the past few years. That was until I came across a recent study about octopuses that said, basically, that they are kinky, violent, nefarious, jealous thugs. This flies in the face of their reputation as simplistic, almost ancient sea creatures, as well as makes them all honorary Republican senators. The study, which was released by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, and reeked of essential oils and Tazo tea, said wild octopuses, unlike the timid, flubbery kind you see and eat at your local aquarium, are basically nuts.

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