Coral Week Deep Sea Ditty – Reef City


Reef City is sung to Sin City by Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris, a favorite song (and artists) of mine. Deep and shallow reefs alike under a multifaceted threat, but we’ll not let them go down without fists wailing!

Reef City

This old reef has seen some days
Many changes through the haze
And smoke like mists of gametes in the water
Polyps stretched out reaching
For a particle, just a piece and
Who knows what it just might grab

Takes more than an earthquake to shake this ole coral
Seems like this whole ocean’s insane
Over fishing, nutrient loading, harvesting and trawling
From shallow to deep we’ll survive

The scientists say
It’ll all go away
And we won’t be able to stop it
But coral has recruits
We’ll put on our suits
And go to the door of every politician


The moral of this is
Though the fight may be rigged
We won’t go down without raised fists
So keep tuned this week
Our friends of the deep
Its Coral Week on Deep Sea News and


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