Deep and Stony


A yellow stony coral courtesy “Mountains in the Sea” scientific party, NOAA, and the Institute for Exploration via Oceanus

3 Replies to “Deep and Stony”

  1. Man that one looks so familiar! I love that brilliant (often blowing out the video) yellow.

    Enallopsammia got a featured cameo as one of the highlight animals (colony) from the 2005 Deep Atlantic Stepping Stones mission being used Monday to discuss deep sea fishing effects and promoted deep sea conservation issues.

  2. Like this Enallopsammia for the color, too, but also because its a stony coral growing in the sea fan shape of a gorgonian. Do we know the depth and location of the image?

  3. I’ll check on Wednesday if NURC has the shot logs available. I believe it is on the Manning Sea Mount though so it would be @ 60

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