Evel Knievel rides again… for the Earth

ecodaredevil_v_sm.jpgDid you know that Evel Kneivel was an “Ecodaredevil” before he started jumping cars and canyons? He hitch hiked from Butte, Montana to Washington, D.C. in the cold of winter to help save elk from slaughter in Yellowstone Park.

That’s one reason J Nichols dreamed up the Ecodaredevil award for his Earth Day presentation at Duke University in Durham, NC at 6pm in the Bryan Center on April 22.

Miss Krysten Knievel, daughter of acting daredevil Robbie Kneivel, will receive the first inaugural “Ecadaredevil” award following what promises to be an inspired lecture and presentation. Check out J’s very cool Ecodaredevil blog where you can meet nice people like Eco-Elvis who might just inspire your day.

“I think this is a very distinctive and important honor,” Miss Krysten Knievel said of the award, inspired by her grandfather. “Having lived his life in Montana and the way he dedicated his own life to taking risks and thinking outside the box, I know my grandpa would be proud to know he inspired such a unique award to honor those characteristics in others.”


2 Replies to “Evel Knievel rides again… for the Earth”

  1. This will be a fun event. One clarification. Krysten Knievel will be on hand to receive an EcoDaredevil Award in honor of her grandfather, Evel Knievel. This will be presented along with the First Annual student EcoDaredevil Award.

  2. Thanks for the clarification J. I’ll fix that.
    Good luck with your presentation!

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