Even More Enjoying the Ocean

The unexpected warmth this weekend made diving in the cold Monterey waters just a little more tolerable. Jim on the other hand believes 50 degrees, windy, and drizzly is a reason to load up the car and head to the beach with the kids. What do you expect of someone with questionable invertebrate affinities? Jim kicks off the first beach excursion of the year to Horseneck Beach in Westport, MA.

Over at Island Rambles a post and pictures on a superpod! A superpod is a rare conglomerate of smaller orca pods that moves up and down the coast offing salmon, stealing children, tormenting villages, and car-jacking. Think Sturgis for Orcas. Video below the fold.

For those landlocked readers don’t worry, global warming is bringing the beach and warm sunny days to you soon.

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Craig McClain is the Executive Director of the Lousiana University Marine Consortium. He has conducted deep-sea research for 20 years and published over 50 papers in the area. He has participated in and led dozens of oceanographic expeditions taken him to the Antarctic and the most remote regions of the Pacific and Atlantic. Craig’s research focuses on how energy drives the biology of marine invertebrates from individuals to ecosystems, specifically, seeking to uncover how organisms are adapted to different levels of carbon availability, i.e. food, and how this determines the kinds and number of species in different parts of the oceans. Additionally, Craig is obsessed with the size of things. Sometimes this translated into actually scientific research. Craig’s research has been featured on National Public Radio, Discovery Channel, Fox News, National Geographic and ABC News. In addition to his scientific research, Craig also advocates the need for scientists to connect with the public and is the founder and chief editor of the acclaimed Deep-Sea News (http://deepseanews.com/), a popular ocean-themed blog that has won numerous awards. His writing has been featured in Cosmos, Science Illustrated, American Scientist, Wired, Mental Floss, and the Open Lab: The Best Science Writing on the Web.

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