Got a Spare $25,000?

The rights to name an Osedax species is up for grabs for $25,000.

To set the prices, Scripps researchers considered several factors, including rarity, the species’ importance to science and how expensive and difficult it was to collect. Also for $25,000, one’s name can be on a deep sea worm affectionately called the green bomber, which drops luminescent green particles to distract predators.

Not that I have the answers and I make no comment on ramifications of such, but what are you thoughts on auctioning off species names? More at the San Diego Union Tribune.

5 Replies to “Got a Spare $25,000?”

  1. Osedax, eh? This must be Adrian Glover theme week! I think this selling species name thing might be a good mechanism for raising funds for the Beagle project…

  2. Jason, I thought of you when I read this, remembering your earlier post.

    Karen, ahem…*wink wink nudge nudge*

  3. I think they might get more money at auction if they offered to name a zombie bone-eating worm after someone’s ex-spouse. Yet more controversy there of course.

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