It's Growing…the Blogosphere is GROWING…BWAHAHAHAA

Probably, in response to all the trash talk I’ve been dishing out, pontificating on the superiority of Molluks to echinoderms, Dr. Echinoderm himself started a blog. DSN has featured Chris Mah at least a few times in the past. Chris’s new venture, Echinoblog, will be “an ongoing venue for collecting and presenting perspectives, popular news, and articles on the Echinodermata!” I guess Chris has brought it!

Second up is Erin’s new blog She Tells Fish Tales. It is all about the adventures of the poor in America, namely graduate students in Marine Biology. Head over and post a comment welcoming her. Also tell her she needs to blog more. I ensure the writing will be better than DSN and definitely better than 75% of the stuff at Sb.

To finish up the link love, a new blog, Stichin’ Fish, arises that documents the Ecology Action Centre project “to celebrate the beauty, diversity and fragility of our Northwest Atlantic seafloor.” They are seeking submissions for their North Atlantic seafloor display and “want to borrow your crocheted, knitted, quilted, sculpted or otherwise crafted marine creatures for World Ocean Day on June 8th.” So someone needs to hop to it and crouchet, knit, or quilt (a giant isopod quilt!, yeah baby) a Bathynomus so I can donate to the project.

NOTICE: Apologies go out the Bleiman Twins at Zooillogix. I only read 5 blogs at a time. So I have to let you go Zooillogix. Really it’s not you, it’s me. I hope we can still be friends. On the other hand I have been worried about our relationship for awhile. You never open up your thoughts to me. All the romance is gone. The honeymoon is over. Besides, you blog looks fat in those jeans.

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