Just call us eco-daredevils

Modern ocean prophet Wallace J Nichols presented the first ever Ecodaredevil Award to Duke University graduate student Elliott Hazen this past April 22nd, on Earth Day. Elliott received the award for on-campus activism at Duke Marine Lab, co-founding GreenWave, a student led sustainability movement, and introducing a class “Green by Design” that brought experts from business, and fisheries to speak about sustainability. Elliott does great research, too.

J Nichols is on the left in the picture below, while Elliott Hazen proudly dons his brand new helmet-slash-environmental award. Congratulations, Elliott! You should never take off that helmet. At least not until next year…


Deep Sea News also received an honor of sorts. Notice the new badge in the sidebar?

That’s right! We’ve been named “Ecodaredevil bloggers’, along with Sheril Kirshenbaum and Chris Mooney at the Intersection and Andy Revkin of the New York Times ecoblog Dot Earth. So, hey, we’re keeping good company!

It’ probably pretty clear we’re ecodaredevils here at DSN. Craig, Kevin, and I put our careers on the line each and every day we write outside highly refereed and often obscure journal literature. It gets really bad when we try to write about fish, but its their ocean, too, y’know. Tune in next week for Coral Week as we try to push the envelope even further.

Andy Revkin, I don’t know, but Dot Earth sounds great. I can share the dais with them. Who does better environmental reporting than New York Times? The Intersection is also a bold pair I’m proud to stand aside. They took a big chance with ScienceDebate 2008. As important as it is, it’s not in the cards, but it is in the news, and that counts for alot. Furthermore, Sheril “jumped the chasm” two weeks ago with a huge article at Science Magazine. And her blogmate? Well, Chris “Crash” Mooney is the probably most spectacular ecodaredevil blogger of us all. He certainly knows how to take a hit! The guy leaped and missed, and exploded into flames last month at ScienceBlogs. Will he emerge smiling and waving to the crowd? Of course he will.

Thank you, J, for this recognition of our reckless behavior on behalf of the environment. We all wear your badge proudly. We’re in your army, man, part of the Ocean Revolution.

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