Just One Thing Challenge #9: Enjoy The Ocean


I am so f’n excited that we funded two Donor’s Choose projects with the last challenge. This week’s challenge is more recreational than work. This week’s challenge is is to enjoy the ocean. We are going to foster our connection with the ocean. Spring is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere and what better time to go enjoy the ocean. If you live near the coast plan next weekend to spend the day with your family at the beach. Tidepool, sift beach rubble, look for organisms, picnic, and enjoy! Pick a guidebook for the flora and fauna you might see. Take a bag and pick up trash while you are there! If you don’t live near the ocean go to lake or river. Don’t want to be outside? Go to an aquarium. Don’t want to leave the house? Netflix Blue Planet! The best part!? Take pictures of the whole experience and post them on your blog or send them to me. I want pictures even if its just you drinking beer and eating chips on the couch watching Blue Planet! We will link and post pictures here at DSN through next week. If you haven’t signed up yet DO SO NOW in the comments below!

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People accepting the Just One Thing Challenge: 1. Craig McClain 2. Kevin Zelnio 3. Peter Etnoyer 4. Sheril K. 5. Mike G 6. Farne 7. Jim Lemire 8. Kiki 9. Fish Guy Dave 10. CK 11. Karen James 12. Merisea 13. Keely 14. tonyj 15. Traci 16. Mrs. Hillary Victoria Minor 17. Peter Mc 18. Tony D 19. Mary Aloyse Firestone 20. Miriam Goldstein 21.John 22. Judith in Ottawa 23. tjewell 24. Slim 25. Ashley 26. Silver 27. Steve W. 28. John Hill 29. Rachel 30. tjewell 31. Eric 32. jebyrnes 33. Lynna Landstreet 34. Ole 35. Carrie 36. Max 37. Marsh. 38. Summer 39. You?

7 Replies to “Just One Thing Challenge #9: Enjoy The Ocean”

  1. Oh, I think I can manage this one, got a beach party this Saturday in conjunction with Benthic conference and we’ll be doing the Volcanoes of the Deep on the IMAX screen on Thursday. I’ll grab pictures if I can…

  2. Count me in. I’ll try to get to a beach, or the Monterey Bay Aquarium, next weekend, but if not we’ll do something to honor the ocean. I’m sure my nine-year-old son will be more than willing to join in. :)

  3. I’m stuck inland all this week, not even close to a lake, but I’d like to sign up. I just finished creating an ocean drifter, a Pelagia-like jellyfish, from plastic yarn (newspaper wrappers that would otherwise blow around the landscape, litter the ocean, or clog sewers). Recycling the plastic bags in this manner is my way of caring for the ocean and for other waterways.

    I’ve posted a photo of the jellyfish on my blog, and I’ll send the photo to Craig too. I’ll also provide instructions for how to crochet your own jellyfish on my blog, once I type up my notes.

  4. My son and I didn’t manage to make it to the coast this weekend, so we did some ocean-inspired artwork from home!

    A purple sea nettle in pastel (my first time using pastels, so it’s pretty lame):


    A rough pencil sketch of a brown pelican:


    And my son’s drawing of some jellyfish (he’s nine, btw). I think he did a great job – he included all of the life stages of the jellyfish, from polyp to adult. His idea, not mine. :)


    Thanks for the challenge! It really did get us thinking – and talking – about the ocean this week. :)

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