North Pacific Gyre “Garbage Island” Documentary Parts 8 & 9

Continuing the series from‘s TOXIC-Garbage Island series. Contains some vulgar language. They finally actually do something, but they are still just as annoying. Yet, part 9 starts to nail it.

2 Replies to “North Pacific Gyre “Garbage Island” Documentary Parts 8 & 9”

  1. I like the message and I like seeing it first-hand but man, I’m really angry that Mr. Potty Mouth – in his quest to be ‘cool’ – has really destroyed the potential use of this documentary to reach two very large audiences: children and adults sensitive to gratuitous use of the f-bomb.

  2. Agreed, who is he marketing this too? NY Emo art jerkoffs? It loses a lot in terms of credibility and informative power by this pointless and rather poor attitude. The latter episodes are much better, though the cussing is still ever prevalent.

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