ROV plants Welsh flag deep in the Galapagos

_44581745_flag2.226.jpgLeighton Rolley, a systems technician on the “world’s most advanced research ship” the RRS James Cook, used a remotely operated vehicle capable to 5000 m depth to plant the Welsh dragon flag in the waters of the Galapagos, in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, according to BBC News. The shipboard team unfurled the biodegradable Welsh flag at 3500m.

The ceremony was not specifically part of the mission, apparently. Cardiff University researchers were on board conducting marine seismic work (using air guns) and collecting rock samples using the ISIS rock drill. The RSS James Cook website hosts videos of the flag planting and the seismics.

So far, the story is reported with no real thought or mention of the implications for the politics of this kind of thing. I wonder, did they have to get a permit to plant their flag at the bottom ocean? The Russians tried this recently in the Northwest Passage and got busted for “shenangians”. I’m a little curious how this plays out.

5 Replies to “ROV plants Welsh flag deep in the Galapagos”

  1. OK…now are we going to see endless bitching in the US media about the Evil Welsh Empire beating the self-styled forces of goodness and light (a.k.a. America) to another piece of the seafloor, that after all, by rights belongs to them…..????????

  2. Great, so now I can’t even get a beer on a Sunday at a depth of 3500m in the Pacific.

  3. Biodegradable flags?

    I hate having to take mine in out of the rain as it is.
    Now it will just disappear …

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