Stitchin' Fish is knittin' coral


Bubblegum coral (Paragorgia arborea) never looked so… cuddly. It’s amazing. Who would believe someone could knit a sea fan and do it so well? Ecology Action Center in Halifax brings a unique perspective to the deep coral movement. They go straight to the fishermen for the information that counts, rather than waiting for science to answer important questions about deep-coral distribution and collateral impacts to coral from destructive fishing gear. That, and they’re knitting the benthos back together one species at a time.

While scientists have only recently begun to learn about cold-water corals, fishermen along the continental shelf have been aware of their existence for generations. Known to bottom hook-and-line fishermen in Nova Scotia as “trees,” Paragorgia arborea and Primnoa resedaeformis, among other species, have long been regarded as vital fish habitat.

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