Tag-a-long with this expedition to the Bering Sea

gaelin-211x300.jpgGaelin Rosewaks was one of a dozen people who changed my ideas about what it means to live an inspired life when I dropped out of the film business after ten years in Hollywood, and enrolled in the summer session at Duke University Marine Lab looking for a way to turn my life around, get back to school, and become involved in things that really mattered.

Now, Gaelin’s off to the Bering Sea probably for the third or fourth time, she’s loving it, and she’s blogging about it at Global Ocean Exploration. She’s definitely one of my heroes. Everything seemed fascinating simply by virtue of the fact that we were doing it. The research, that is. Check out Gaelin’s website, its an amazing adventure with a great person and she’s posting from sea in real-time almost daily.

“I would like to announce my first expedition, the Bering Sea Ice Expedition. I am on my way to meet the United States Coast Guard Cutter Healy in the Bering Sea where a group of scientists is studying the effects of climate change on the Bering Sea ecosystem. You can come on the journey with me at www.globaloceanexploration.com. I am anxious to get on board and return to my roots of oceanographic research but this time through the eyes of a photographer/journalist/filmmaker.”

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