TGIF: Cuttlefish Edition

Guess who is the Encyclopedia of Life’s biodiversity of the week?? The cuttlefish!!

Diver: “awww wookit da purdy wittle squidy!”
Cuttlefish: “Who you calling a squid punk? Why you backing off? I thought you might want to “cuttle” a bit… thats what I thought…”

Hat tip to Michael Barton, FCD.

6 Replies to “TGIF: Cuttlefish Edition”

  1. no, urchins are worse, they would jut scoot under you and wait for you swipe a body part by it for the puncture. Then it would laugh maniacally, because they are evil like that. At least cephalopods are up front, no bulling around, show you how they feel. None of the passive aggressive bull.

  2. Listen, are you scientists ABSOLUTELY sure that they aren’t aliens.

    I’m pretty sure that one was asking to see our leader.

  3. Every time I see a cuttlefish swim, I imagine some kind of robotic hovering sound – a low level “wom…wom…wom…wom”, that increases in pitch and speed as the critter swims faster. Is that odd? I think it might be odd.

  4. I think if I were to be accosted by a Sepia apama like that I would probably die of happiness right then and there. I am so freaking jealous of that diver, that is soooooo awesome.

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