How Artificial Reservoirs Affect Global Sea Level

A new study lead by Chao in Science estimates that nearly 10,800 cubic kilometers of water are stored in artificial reservoirs. That is little over twice the volume of Lake Michigan. The authors estimate this quantity of water reduces global sea levels by -30mm, with an average rate of -0.55mm per year over the last half century.

4 Replies to “How Artificial Reservoirs Affect Global Sea Level”

  1. There was a study about 20 years ago in Nature which addressed the problem of rising sea levels. The slow-down by reservoirs was included. A number of possible solutions were mentioned. These included digging below sea level canals into the Dead Sea basin and into Death Valley. Seaside zoning, which is not going to happen, was also discussed. I copied this to a colleague in the US Army Corps of Engineers.

  2. The increased surface area of water might increase evaporation into the water cycle. I wonder if that has any effect?


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