Japanese Whalers Accused of Stealing Whale Meat

They’re at it again. Conservation group Greenpeace is accusing the crew of japanese whaling ships of “embezzling” whale meat from the whale “research”. CNN reports:

The environmental group said “large-scale embezzlement” was allowed as an “open secret” by the Institute of Cetacean Research in Japan. The body oversees Japanese whale hunts, which are done in the name of “scientific” research.

The institute has previously accused Greenpeace and other organizations of “harassment” for interfering with Japanese whaling voyages.

The environmental group said that 12 members of a one whaling ship sent out at least 47 boxes of whale meat after they returned to a Tokyo port.

At the press conference, Greenpeace showed one box that it said contained about 52 pounds (23.5 kilograms) of salted whale belly meat worth up to $3,000.

Thats a lot of money for some whale! Like dealing drugs on the street. Can you imagine?
“What are you in for”
“Dealing in whale meat…”

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  1. very bad behaviour of the members of that whaling ship. They can be better dealing drugs than killing this ‘giant of the sea’.

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