North Pacific Gyre "Garbage Island" Documentary Part 12 and Bonus Footage

This is the final installment of‘s TOXIC-Garbage Island series. Part 12 is more of an epilogue of sorts. The bonus interview with Frederick vom Saal is very informative!

I would like to thank the producers and hosts of the film series. Even though I ragged on them quite a bit, the issue is very important and I am grateful they were able to go out there and document some of this stuff. They even occassionally made some very good points ; )

I also wish to thank the captain and crew of the Oceanographic rRsearch Vessel Alguita for their dedication to conservation issues. You can read more about their exploits on their blog (new rejuvenated!)

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  1. I have never heard more cursing in a documentary film in all my life.

    However, it is a subject that justifies harsh language.

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