North Pacific Gyre "Garbage Island" Documentary Parts 10 & 11

Continuing the series of’s TOXIC-Garbage Island series. Contains some vulgar language. It finally gets good. In part 10, “Its totally not like the money shot, its totally worse”. Says it all right there, totally. Watch the net closely in part 11, disgustingly amazing.

2 Replies to “North Pacific Gyre "Garbage Island" Documentary Parts 10 & 11”

  1. Cursing.

    1000:1 H2O to algae sample of small particles coated with persistent organic pollutants.

    A fishing-line beozar.

    A big tangled ghost net.

    Breaking a glass sample bottle, but a plastic one may have altered the sample.

    Kissing & fade to black.


    The technology we would need to clean it up makes me think of things like the “Source” and “Feed” from Neal Stephenson’s “Diamond Age”.

    I wonder how much plastic will eventually end up bioaccumulated and deposited in the sediment.

  2. A big bottle of plastics contaminated sea water should be sent, as a gift, to every plastics manufacturer and every effluent-processing plant on the globe! These two films made me want to weep!

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