Olympic swimmers like a shark-skin suit

Dolphins swim through water by moving their flipper in an up and down motion. Sharks propel themselves forward moving from side to side. Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps uses both these techniques to help break records. More and more swimmers are turning to these animals for inspiration, both in style and material. Read more at Discovery News.

From the Independent UK: Sharkskin swimsuits lead hi-tech bid for Olympic gold.

Scientists at the Natural History Museum in London acted as paid consultants to Speedo, the British swimwear company, as part of a four-year project to make a body suit that cuts through water with the frictionless ease of nature’s most fearsome marine predator.


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  1. Professional swimmers shouldn’t be allowed to use the shark suit because it’s just cheating. Cheating is unfair for other people. If you wear the shark suit its not showing the true side of you for an example if it was your dream to become a professional swimmer then you shouldn’t cheat against you. It just sounds wrong I mean seriously why would you want to cheat on yourself when you

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