One day course in reef ecology

Deep coral biologists like myself are continually looking to shallow reefs for applicable paradigms. A new online seminar on coral reef futures sponsored by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies provides about 100 examples in a set of FREE online lectures given by a parade of stars like Terry Hughes, John Pandolfi, and Bob Steneck. It’s like a dream course in reef ecology from the comfort of your own home. The only thing lacking is a printable diploma!

Topics covered by the online seminars include:

* The latest science on coral bleaching
* The rising plague of coral disease
* Coral reefs under climate change
* Managing resilience of coral reefs
* The risks of ocean acidification
* Protecting sea water quality from activity on land
* Are the new no-take ‘green zones’ on the Great Barrier Reef effective?
* Can fish stocks on the Great Barrier Reef be replenished?
* The threat to reef sharks and other top predators
* Tracking Nemo – studies on how coral fish larvae disperse.

To view the presentations go to:


The ARC Centre’s Director Terry Hughes says “Our on-line seminar series for the International Year of the Reef is designed to deliver scientific outcomes to the community in an informative and useful way, so we can all make better decisions about how we care for our great natural assets.”

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