Physics and Beer Have EVERYTHING to Do with the Deep Sea

Last night I had the good fortune to meet Dr. Chad Orzel, who just so happens to blog right here on SEED ScienceBlogs at Uncertain Principles. Chad is a physics professor at Union College and blogs on everything physics! He was in merry ole Penn State for a conference so RPM, who blogs at evolgen and is one floor above me, Prof. Steve Steve and I took Chad out for a night on the town. Copious rounds of beer (when their draft menu wasn’t lying to us) were consumed an rambunctious conversations on string theory, blogging, publishing and science in general were conducted. Thanks for stopping by the home of the Nitanny Lions, Dr Orzel and good luck with FutureBaby! Keep an eye out on Chad’s blog for information on his new popular book on physics.


If you are a blogger or blog reader and stopping by Paternoville, let me know and we’ll grab a beer and discuss the finer points of squid!

2 Replies to “Physics and Beer Have EVERYTHING to Do with the Deep Sea”

  1. they were the best of times… beer and chewy squid-leather munchies… cheers!

    Wow, Pennsylvania has an ocean too? Man, I thought Californians were uniquely blessed.

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