Another Chordate, Another PhD

Congratulations to I’m a Chordata, Urochordata man, Dr. Byrnes!! He just turned in his signed PhD dissertation. Thats really awesome and I can’t wait for him to get a job and hire me! Oh wait, he already has a postdoc lined up in an awesome lab.

As an undergrad I academically “grew up” in the lab next to Jarrett’s lab and got to know several of the grad students and undergrads. Everyone out of both labs have gone on to great things, so we expect none the less of you newly-minted-doctor-byrnes!

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  1. Oh, thanks! It’s an awfully good feeling. And now all of us who you knew are gone – Suzanne is turning in this summer (she’s working for the Audobon Society), Randall is off to a Job at Florida State, Amy is working with SERC, and Kristin is doing crazy shrimp genetics with Emmett.

    (and I’m sure Marie has already been tenured somewhere)

    We’re all grown up, now!

    FYI, I’m actually not working with the Hofman lab (awesome though they are) but rather with the Santa Barbara Channel LTER under with these two fellas. I’ll be looking at diversity-herbivory feedbacks in kelp forests – but don’t worry, I’m looking at sessile species diversity, so I’ll be keepin’ it real with the squirts!

  2. Congratulations!
    Just when you thought this corner of the blogosphere couldn’t get any better educated…

  3. Jarrett, thats way cool!! I have no idea where i got you were going to work in gretchen’s lab. I thought i read on your blog somewhere. weird.

    And yes, I’m totally jealous of you working with Cardinale! Not as familiar with Reed, only read one of his metapopulation papers.

    Do you know whatever happened to Frey?

  4. I just saw her in Davis the other day – she was back, briefly – I think to file as well. It was an odd day, with Brian O’Meara in town to give us his phylogenetics spiel (damn!) and Randall swinging through before she and David were off to their jobs in Florida. Very silly.

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