Bathysphere Caption Contest!

The American Museum of Natural History in NYC put up old black and white pictures in an online exhibit called Picturing the Museum. Brian at Laelaps picked out some dinosaurliscious ones. Below is one from 1937 titles “Boys examining Bathysphere, Hall of Ocean Life“. I can only imagine the awe they must be feeling with only a few years earlier that hunk of metal was down in the deepest trench of our oceans. What do they think they are saying to each other? This calls for a caption contest!


Hat tip to the disperser, Michael B.

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  1. Young Barton (right), Beebe (inside), and Wushniezer (left) contemplate the first model made of toothpicks and chewing gum of the bathysphere. Wushniezer was later dropped from the group to improve alliteration and for his poor choice in ties.

  2. Beebe and Barton’s historic 1934 dive was only to a depth of a little over 3,000 feet. The bathysphere was tethered to the surface, which put a limit on the maximum depth.

    The descent to the Challenger Deep would have to wait for the Piccards’ development of the free floating bathyscaphe (which was essentially a bathysphere hanging from an underwater balloon).

    Quibbling aside, when this picture was taken, the bathysphere would have the same iconic status that a Mercury capsule would have a generation later.

  3. fellow on right to fellow on left:
    Now pay attention, Dobson… I’m only going over this one more time!
    You fart BEFORE we lock the freshman in the bathysphere, NOT after!
    Got it?

  4. Viewers complained that the programming seen on the first television set prototype (pictured) was too… ‘familiar’.

  5. “No, Jimmie… it’s not because you are inside the bathyshere, and it’s not because I have cotton stuffed in my ears… I can’t hear you because Tod’s tie is too dang loud!”

  6. So then Mary said he put his hand…Wait, you don’t think he can read lips, do you?

  7. So then Alvie said he…Wait, you don’t think he can read lips, do you?

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