Carnival of the Blue Lucky #13

The first Carnival of the Blue of its 2nd year. Carnie creator Mark Powell posts edition #13 and brings it all full circle with the most massive, packed ocean blogging. Its great to see so many diverse bloggers contributing to this carnival. Well, what are waiting for, go learn something!

Is that still the logo? Or have I revealed my age?

5 Replies to “Carnival of the Blue Lucky #13”

  1. Yeah, you’re old.
    c. 1970’s-1980’s branding.

    Please tell me that’s not a recent photo…

  2. hmmm. must be 80s. I’m not THAT old ;)

    Photo was from this website with the following caption:

    “Solid waste dumping is also a major problem which is on the rise. Waste disposal at sea increased fourfold in the United States in the twenty years following World War II. The amount and dispersal of our solid waste is incredible.
    Almost everywhere in the ocean a bathyscaphe diver will land within sight of our litter

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